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Auto Insurance can be confusing. Let us help.

The price you pay for your auto insurance plan varies based on a few different factors such as prior claims, the kind of car you're driving, and your driving record including speeding tickets and other recent traffic citations. Another key factor in determining premium prices is where you live and where you drive on a daily basis for work. By increasing your deductible, you can lower your monthly premium. Other ways to lower your monthly premium include things like installing anti-theft devices, or if your car is older you may want to drop collision coverage.

Insurance Shoppers Agency offers you great Auto Insurance plans at great rates! Let us help you find a plan that works for you.




When a disaster like a house fire strikes, you want to be covered. We will help you choose a comprehensive homeowner's insurance policy that insures your home and personal possessions.

If you are buying your dream home or currently have a mortgage, in most cases you will need to have a homeowner's policy. The price varies based on where you live, the size of the home, fire-safety features, the property's loss history, and what types of coverage that you need.

We can help guide you through a policy that's right for you and your family.


Store Front


At Insurance Shoppers Agency, you will be sure to find the type of coverage that your business needs. We will assist you in choosing a Commercial Insurance Policy that includes basic coverage such as property, crime, liability and commercial auto insurance.

We also have plans that include other optional insurance plans, such as employee health plans, life insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, and workers compensation.


Red Tractor in Field


Running a farm is difficult, costly, and takes a lot of expensive special equipment. The cost of tractors, combines, sprayers and other equipment all add up quickly. When one of these machines goes down or isn't operating properly, it's tough to run your farm efficiently.


Insurance on your equipment allows for reimbursement for certain losses and damages and helps you keep things running smoothly.


Workman's Compensation
Does your farming operation employ workers? It would be a good idea to look into worker's compensation coverage.


Let Insurance Shopper's Agency help you choose the right Farm Insurance Plan that suits the needs of you and your family farm.




Feel secure knowing that your family is taken care of if something were to happen to you. Let us help you choose a plan with the right coverage amount to cover things like funeral costs, your monthly expenses, and future expenses your family may incur.




With the popularity of side-by-side ATVs on the rise, it's important to make sure your fun, new toy is insured. We can also help you choose a plan that takes care of your boat, RV, and other recreational vehicles.


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