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Simply Giving

ARBOR #799

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50 pairs of brand new shoes for kids! 

Gleaner Life

Insurance Society is...

a fraternal benefit society owned by members who  are certificate holders of either a life insurance or annuity product offered by Gleaner

Our Focus is...

in conjunction with Insurance Shoppers Agency, the board of Simply Giving is looking to better our community. Our primary focus is getting the youth of St. Clair County involved in community service.

An Arbor is...

a Gleaner service club that gives back to it's community through projects and donations funded through Gleaner's operating gains from the sale of life insurance and annuity products. As a member owned not-for-profit organization, arbors also provide members with a voice in how Gleaner does it's business.

providing water for runners @ a 5k

we LOVE check presentations! 

Simply Giving Board

President: Keaton Weingartz

Vice President: Kailey Weingartz

Secretary/Treasurer: Kenzie Weingartz

Reporter: Michael Dittman

Chaplain: Matthew Dittman

Founded in May 2017

For activity dates and to see how to get involved email

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