Prevent Ice Dams & Frozen water pipes

Winter in Michigan got off to a slow start but in January Mother Nature made up for it with the double whammy of a Polar Vortex and heavy snows.

Act Now to Prevent Damage from Weight of Ice & Snow and Ice Dams.

Weight of Snow & Ice

In many areas of Michigan, heavy snows have built up on houses, pole barns, commercial buildings and a variety of other structures over the past few days from enhanced lake effect as well as system storms.

While a warm up predicted for this weekend is generally welcome news, it also comes with a weather report forecasting rain. We know from past experience that this will lead to excessive weight from snow and ice, leading to structural stress and damage to roofs and walls, even to collapse. This is particularly true for flat roof structures.

Please monitor snow build up on your roofs and take steps to reduce it before the rains come.

Ice Dams

Snow buildup and rain/melt cycle can lead to ice dams. Early action now can prevent water and ice work up under the shingles entering the attic and damaging ceilings, walls and contents. 

  • To help prevent dams from forming:

  • Keep gutters and down spouts clear of debris, snow and ice, so melting roof snow can flow.

  • Keep snow on your roof to a minimum. 

  • Roof rakes let you stand on the ground to safely pull the snow off the roof.Even if you can only clear the 2 or 3 feet near the lowest part of your roof, this will help prevent ice dams from forming.

  • Evaluate attic insulation and ventilation. Good airflow is essential to a cool, dry attic

Photo Credit: Fremont Insurance Company

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